SDL Portal - Construction Permit Request Drafts (Public Guide)

Creating Drafts

Construction Permit Requests allow applicants to save their requests as drafts. Applicants can save an application as a draft at any point, using the "Save Draft" button at the top of the application.


After you select the "Save Draft" button, you will be prompted to name your new draft, or use this record to update an old draft.

Select the appropriate option in the pop up.

If it is a new draft, enter the draft name. If it is an update to an existing draft, select the existing draft from the dropdown list.

*Note: that you may use drafts more than once. Applicants can create and save drafts for their common projects and continue to use them each time they submit a permit application for that work type.

Submitting with Drafts

After you have completed an application using a draft, you will see a prompt at the bottom of the application asking if you would like to delete the draft upon submission. 


If you would like to use this draft for a future project, or if you have created a draft for all of your projects with that work type, be sure to uncheck this box so that your draft remains saved in your account for future use.

Accessing Drafts

To find your saved drafts, go to the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of the page, and select "Account". 

In your Account page, select the "Requests" button.


From the Requests page, you'll see a tab for Drafts. 


Here, you will find all of your current drafts, which you can resume, or delete.

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