SDL Online - Construction - Remote Inspections, Unsupervised (Public Guide)

If your town is requesting that you perform your inspection remotely, you will need to have access to a smartphone or tablet.

Step 1. Your inspector will send you a text or email inviting you to begin the inspection (see pictures below).

If the inspection link is being sent via text, click on the link to begin the inspection process.

IMG_4996.PNG        Screen_Shot_2021-12-06_at_9.05.23_AM.png


In the email inspection request, you will see a button, 'Start Inspection' to begin the process. You will also see notes from your inspector at the bottom of the request. 


Step 2. You will receive a request to share your location.  You must share your location to complete the remote inspection. 

location.PNG     location_copy.png

Step 3. Confirm your location to ensure the inspection is taking place at the correct address.  Click the "Use Location" button to allow the system to verify your current location. 


Step 4.  Use you default mobile browser to access the internet by clicking on the "open" button.   Once connected you will be able to begin the inspection. 


 Get_App.PNG     Start.PNG

*Please note the browser requirement are iOS: Safari and Android : Chrome or Firefox


Step 5.  You will be required to submit pictures of the item to be inspected.  You will be advised of the photo requirements depending on the inspection type.  You can add notes if necessary.  Once you have completed adding images and /or notes, click on "Add Signature and Complete" .

 Photos_and_Notes.PNG      notes.PNG      Add_signiture.PNG  


Your images will be uploaded and you will receive notification that your images have been successfully saved. 


Step 6.  You will be asked to enter your name and email address.  You will also be required to enter a signature which will be time stamped.  


Step 7. You will receive a pop up confirming that the  photos and inspection have been saved and the inspector has been notified. 



If you have completed an email remote inspection you will receive the following confirmation. 


Step 8.  Your town will notified by your town with your inspection results. 

Requirements: Smartphone or tablet running iOS: Safari or Android: Chrome or Firefox.  

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