SDL Portal - Construction - Applying for a Permit (Public Guide)


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1. The first step is to go to and click Sign In if you already have an account, or Sign Up if you have not yet created an account.

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2. You will then be taken to your homepage. First select Requests

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3. Scroll until you find the Construction Department and click the Building/Construction Permit Request.
*Please note different towns have enabled different requests, and may have named their requests uniquely. All requests may not appear the same.

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4. You will be able to Start a New Permit, update an existing permit, update the agent on an existing permit, or update the contractor on an existing permit.

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5. If you choose any of the updates, you will need to search for your permit using Permit #, Control # or Location

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6. To start a new permit, you will first scroll through the provided permit types and select the one you will need.

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7. Search for the address and the select the correct one from the dropdown.

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8. Location and owner information should populate, but update anything needed. 

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9. Select whether the responsible agent is the homeowner doing the work, a contractor, or someone else.
*Responsible agent information will populate based on account information, but complete any missing fields.

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10. If you select Contractor as responsible agent, you will be able to search for and select the contractor from the drop down.

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11. Contractor information will populate, but fill in any missing fields.

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12. Add your Description of Work

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13. Set the use group and add a construction class if known. Please add a note in the comments section below if you are unsure of the correct information.

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14. Click on each of the Subcodes required for this permit. 

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15. You will need to search the Contractor for each subcode and select them from the dropdown.

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16. Then click Add for the relevant subcode or subcodes.

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17. Click Edit Technical Card for each subcode.

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18. Fill out all relevant information and complete the estimated cost of work.
Please note either New/Addition or Rehab/Alteration must be completed.

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19. When you're done, click Update.
Continue through each tech card, completing the appropriate information as needed for each.

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20. Any required plans will be Uploaded here. Click upload and select the plan files from your computer.

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21. If an In Lieu of Oath is needed it can be Downloaded. After downloading and completing the information, you will need to save a completed copy and upload it using the upload button.

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22. Any additional documentation that is required will be listed here for you to upload.

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23. Once you are done, hit Submit Request

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24. You will receive this confirmation page, and will be emailed a confirmation with the same details. You are also provided a tracking link, where you will be able to check the status of the Permit Request.

Step 24 image

25. This Permit Status will give you the ability to cancel the request if it has not yet been processed, view the request details,Any required plans will be Uploaded here. and track the status of the request. 

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Here's an interactive tutorial

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