SDL Portal - Requesting a Construction Permit Inspection (Public Guide)

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1. You can access the Construction Permit Inspection Request from either the Requests Page or the Home Page of the Towns SDL Portal. 

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2. Search for the Permit by: Control Number, Permit Number or Location of the worksite. 

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3. After typing in the search criteria, the results will display below the Search field - Click on the permit to continue on to schedule an inspection.  

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4. The Subcodes related to this permit will be available to choose from - Click on the associated Subcode 

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5. Then choose from the list of inspection type options.

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6. Include any additional notes in the Additional Notes field

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7. Choose the dates from the calendar that you would like added to your request. (Please note: Towns may have 1-3 date options to select from)

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8. Once you have selected your desired dates, scroll down and click Submit Request

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9. Once submitted you can print a copy of the confirmation. You will also receive an email confirmation of your request.
The town will review your request and you will receive an inspection date via email once approved.

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Here's an interactive tutorial

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