SDL Portal Update - 11/17/2020

SDL Portal Update: 11/17/2020

Over the past several weeks we have been continuing to work on adding new features and improving workflow for our Fire Prevention users. In addition to the number of updates that went out last month, we have some additional improvements for both SDL Desktop and SDL Portal fire prevention functionality. Below you will see all requests now available to turn on in the SDL Portal. Please be aware that titles and instructions for each Portal request can be customized by an authorized SDL Portal Administrator. To do so, go to "Town Admin", "Web Requests" and select the request you are looking to edit.

New Business Registration

We have added a new Portal request to allow business owners to register new businesses. This will allow you to capture most of the pertinent information about the business, and when processed will quickly add the information to a new unit on a new or existing property. As with most SDL Portal Requests, you can require additional attachments be uploaded with the submission. We are currently not allowing agents to add the specific type of LHU or NLHU, as we felt they would not fill this in competently. We will review this as a potential addition as towns begin to use this request and provide feedback. Please review and let us know of any other changes you feel would help.

Fire Permit

As requested, citizens can now apply for a Fire Permit through the SDL Portal. This request can be used for Standalone Permits, Festival Permits or as part of an existing business unit. This request will list all state and local permit types that you have added to SDL Desktop. You can turn off any of these individual types if you prefer to limit which permits citizens can apply for. If you have Municipay enabled, payments can be accepted at time of application.

Fire Violation Extension

Another new request for SDL Portal will allow agents to apply for a time extension for violations. We kept this request simple and let the user select a business and enter the date of the violation. Town users would then use SDL Desktop to choose which inspection they want to assign the extension too. All other fields will then flow directly into the SDL Desktop extension application, for you to choose which violations to apply it to then approve or deny the application.

Fire Document Upload

As a reminder, in the last update we included an SDL Portal request to allow for agents to upload documentation for a specific business, ie sprinkler or fire alarm tests. When processed, these documents will be added as attachments to that business. This update allows desktop users to double click the listed attachment to review the documents before adding them to a business.

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