SDL Portal - Fire Prevention - Detector Inspection Request (Public Guide)


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  1. From the Requests section of the SDL Portal, click Request a Detector Inspection

    Step 1 image

  2. In the Inspection Details section, enter an Inspection Reason, Occupancy Date, Certificate Delivery Method, and any additional Comments or Notes

    Step 2 image

  3. Note: click Fee Schedule to view any Estimated Fees for this Request

    Step 3 image

  4. Use the Search area or select the location of the Property on the map.

    Step 4 image

  5. Be sure to fill in any Required information highlighted in red.

    Step 5 image

  6. Enter any Additional Information which may be required. 

    Step 6 image

  7. Select three preferred Inspection Dates on the Calendar. Note: Your preferred dates may not be available. Your official Inspection Date will be sent to you by a town official.

    Step 7 image

  8. Any documents provided or required by the town can be Downloaded and/or Uploaded in the Fire Prevention Documents section. 

    Step 8 image

  9. After confirming your information, click Submit Request

    Step 9 image

  10. Click OK to be redirected to the third party payment page. 

    Step 10 image

  11. Enter any required information then click Process Sale

    Step 11 image

  12. When the Payment is processed, the following summary will appear.

    Step 12 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

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