SDL Portal - Health - Septic System Pumping Request (Public Guide)


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  1. From the Requests section of the SDL Portal, click Septic System Pumping

    Step 1 image

  2. In the Add Septic System and Pumping Details section, enter the Pump Date, Contractor, Tank Type, Disposal Area Design, and any Additional Comments or Notes.

    Step 2 image

  3. Use the Search area or select the location of the Septic System on the map.

    Step 3 image

  4. Be sure to fill in any Required information highlighted in red.

    Step 4 image

  5. A copy of the Septic Pumping Report can be uploaded from your computer in the Septic System Pumping Documents section. Click Upload

    Step 5 image

  6. Find the location of the document on your computer, then click Open to attach  it to the Request

    Step 6 image

  7. Click Submit Request

    Step 7 image

  8. A Confirmation of the Request can be printed, or another Request can be created. 

    Step 8 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

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