SDL Citizen - Requests - My Request Feature (Public Guide)


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  1. To view the status of your successfully submitted requests, tap the My Requests icon. 

    Step 1 image

  2. A list of your submitted requests will appear. Select one of the requests to view the details. 

    Step 2 image

  3. The General tab contains a recap of the request details and any town response. The History tab will display any inspections or other history tied to your requests. To exit, tap the back arrow next to My Requests (located at the Top Left).

    Step 3 image

  4. Back on the My Requests screen, you can submit more requests by tapping the + button located at the bottom right.

    Step 4 image

  5. Select a Request Type and follow the prompts. Note: The available requests vary by town.

    Once submitted, that request will appear in the My Requests list.  

    Step 5 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

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