SDL Citizen - Getting Started - Installing SDL Citizen for IOS (Public Guide)

  1. Tip: Before you begin, make sure you know the email and password for the iTunes account registered to the Apple device you are using.

      2.  Locate and tap the App Store icon. 


      3. In the App Store, click the Search button at the bottom of the screen. Type in SDL Citizen and hit search. 

      4. The SDL Citizen app will show up in the search results, tap on Install on the right side of your screen. (Note: Our screengrab says Open instead of Install since we already have it installed.)


     5. After tapping on Install, you may be prompted to log in with your iTunes account. Enter the email and password associated with the Apple device to proceed with the installation.

     6. Once the install is complete, you can either tap Open or navigate to your home screen and click the SDL Citizen app to open the app. 


     7. If you use SDL Portal, log in with the same email and password. Otherwise, sign up to create an account and be sure to select your town

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