SDL Citizen - Complaints - Report Issue Feature (Public Guide)


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  1. In this tutorial, we will go over how to report an issue using the SDL Citizen app. After you log in, locate Report Issue on the main screen. 

    Step 1 image

  2. Tap on Department.

    Step 2 image

  3. Select the Department associated with your issue. For example, we will select Code Enforcement.

    Step 3 image

  4. Next tap on Issue and select the Issue Type. For example, we will select Trees and Branches.

    Step 4 image

  5. Enter the location or select the location on the map. 

    Step 5 image

  6. To search by Block and Lot, you will need to add a space between the Block Number and the Lot number. For example Block 150 and Lot 1  would be entered as 150 1 into the search field. This search brought up 1248 Springfield Ave. Select the address

    Step 6 image

  7. After the Location is selected, the map will update to show the location. You can also add any photos related to the issue by tapping on the camera icon. 

    Step 7 image

  8. Select Use Camera to take a live picture or select From Gallery to use an existing picture stored on your device. Note: You may be prompted to give SDL Citizen permission to access your camera and photos. Tap YES

    Step 8 image

  9. If you selected Use Camera, take a picture of the issue. Clicking Retake allows you to take the picture again. Selecting Use Photo will attach this photo to the reported issue. Once satisfied, tap on Use Photo.

    Step 9 image

  10. Once all details have been added, click Submit Issue.

    Step 10 image

  11. Once submitted, you will see a confirmation screen. You can either create another report for this location or tap the No, I'm done button to exit.  

    Step 11 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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