SDL Portal - How to Create an Account (Public Guide)


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  1. To create an SDL Portal account, go to Click Sign Up. 

    Step 1 image

  2. Enter an Email, User Name, Password, First Name, Last Name and Town

    Step 2 image

  3. When selecting your town, be sure to type in the first few letters into the search field. 

    Step 3 image

  4. Select Your Town from the drop-down menu.  

    Step 4 image

  5. Once you have completed all fields, click Create Account

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  6. You may get an error that the format does not match the requirements. The requirements for your User Name and Password are listed below each field. Once you've made the necessary changes, click the Create Account button at the bottom.

    Step 6 image

  7. Now that the account has been created, a confirmation message will appear informing you to check your email to verify your account.

    For more information about verifying your account please review our SDL Portal guide How to Verify an Account.

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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