Construction Letter Options

The most recent Construction update includes options for Alternate Letters and options to
change most values on the letters. Permit Notice Letter, Permit Pick Up Letter, Inspection
Letter and the 3 levels of the Final Inspections Need letter can now be modified. Each letter
has its own list of areas that can be modified but generally are: Title, Greetings, Body, Status,
Footer, Closing. We made this as an option rather than change our existing letters. The letter
are substantially the same, just that you can modify more parts of it.

A new button will give you access to the settings

Make sure to check off Use Alternate Letters

The first drop down is the list of Letters you can Modify.

The second dropdown will be the unique list of items you can modify per Letter type

The set defaults button will put reset all the values with the basic Desktop settings. Sample will
allow you to review the letter selected, so you can see how the changes will reflect.
The values for each section can be modified to use information from the permit that will print
out. Select the Keywords option to see available values.

So if you put [!NoticeLetterSentDate] in the text value, when you preview the report the
[!NoticeLetterSentDate] will be replaced with the Notice Letter sent Date on the permit you are
printing from. We will add to this list as users request additional items.



A special Escrow section has also been added for the Permit Pick up letter. The special taga
[!ESCROW] and [!COAH] tag will read the values from the permit allowing you to notify the user
of the need for a separate check

Permit DGC Options
Also note we have added the ability to mass print these letters from the Permits datagrid

If opra or O assignment remove add local file
Default opra attachment to all emails


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