Email Settings

Email Settings

Email Address Delimiter

Most Email servers use a comma to delimit (or separate) individual email addresses, but not all.  The system defaults to the comma but you can now change that to a semi-colon if you need to.  All SendGrid users should use the comma and no change is needed.

Attachment File Size Check

Most email servers have a limit on the total file size of an email, this is mainly taken up by attachments to the email.  Setting this option will default the system to check the email form for size. Clicking send on the email will prompt the system to total the attachment size and compare it to the limit.  A user prompt will show if you are over the limit.  You still have the option to send the email, if it is over the size limit, however the notification should help prevent failed emails.  The limit setting is in mbs and will default to 20mb.

Please note the “Get File Size” checkbox, as well, to have the file size display for the attachments from the Related tab.

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