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The last Construction update included the ability to open Construction permits using a QR Code scanner.  A QR code reader form needs to be open as you scan.  This is available on the task list and from if you click Ctrl+Q when you are on an open permit application form.  

Turning on

Tools Menu | Construction Options | Permit Tab | use Scanner Check

This is the master switch to allow you to use the scanner

The system currently needs a form to capture the scanned data.  The form will close after a successful scan





Test Usage

This is just the testing form and will change for the next update.  For testing i wanted to verify the correct values were coming in and kept this a manual process.  The next update will automatically open the scanned permit.  We have noticed that the scanner test form needs to be in focus for the scanner to write the URL there so if nothing is showing on the form please first click on it

For an initial test, verify the URL is correct and copy and paste it to the top ext box and click Open Permit

Again this will be more streamlined for future updates


QR Code

The system utilized the same QR Code we make for the Permit Notice placard.  We have also added a new Permit QR Code report to the related tab.  This will eventually turn into the report to print your stickers but we still need our own printer to test on.  For testing you can use this or the placard to see test the scanner with your permit data


Next steps

We are currently working on the next full update but we may try to get the streamlined version of this form out.  In the meantime if you can review and let us know any questions or issues you come across


Next Programming tasks

Auto Open permit

Simplify scanner form 

Add QR Code Report Settings for Label Printer

Review using main SDL desktop program and not the module to look for scanned data

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