SDL Portal - Requests - Finding & Submitting Requests (Public Guide)

Prerequisites: In order for any citizen to submit a request they must create a Portal account and validate their email address.

Each municipality has complete control over which departments, features, and information are made available to the public. To view the available requests for your town, select the  'Requests' button on the top toolbar.


Once you click 'Requests', you can scroll down the page to see all of the available web requests. Please note that OPRA and Complaints can be found under the General/Multiple Departments section. 



Available Request Types Include:

  • Clerk: Mercantile License Applications
  • Clerk: Parking Permit Applications
  • Clerk: Other One Time/Temporary Clerk Applications
  • Code Enforcement: Property Registration
  • Code Enforcement: Landlord Registration
  • Code Enforcement: Claim a Property
  • Code Enforcement: Certificate Applications
  • Construction: Request Inspections
  • Construction: Permit Applications
  • Engineering:  Road Opening Permits
  • Engineering: Traffic Permits
  • Fire Department: Detector Inspections
  • General/Multiple Departments:  Issues & Complaints
  • General/Multiple Departments: OPRA
  • Health Department: Food License Applications
  • Health Department: Health License Applications
  • Land Use (Zoning/Planning Department): Zoning Applications
  • Pet Department: Pet Registrations & Licenses
  • Police Department: Alarm Registrations


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